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14025 Welland Ter. , North Potomac, MD 20878


3879 Billberry Dr., Fairfax, VA 22033













Dear Teachers, Students, Parents, Volunteers and Friends,




As the Covid19 pandemic is spreading across the world, we urge each and every one of you to take all necessary precautions, sharpen your sense of self-protection and refrain from all unnecessary outings.  If you experience any suspected symptoms, please call for tests and treatments in a timely manner.


As you all know, Covid19 infections are going up in the Greater Washington Area where we live.  Unfortunately, material reserves and funds for fighting the pandemic in our local hospitals and medical facilities are running very thin.  And doctors and nurses who are fighting the virus on the front line form the very first defense to protect the health of the public.  We therefore call upon everybody to act swiftly and contribute to the fight against the virus spread in our area.  Specifically, Hope Chinese School is launching a donation drive and is calling on all friends of Hope Chinese School to make donations to help with the fight.  All funds donated will be used to purchase protective supplies for our local medical facilities.


For this purpose, Hope Chinese School is setting up a dedicated account to collect donations exclusively to fight the Covid19 pandemic.  Please take the following steps to make your donations:


Online donation link:

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You can make your checks payable to:


14025 Welland Ter.,

North Potomac,

MD 20878



3879 Billberry Dr.,

Fairfax, VA 22033;

Or if you wish to donate through Paypal, here is our Paypal Account:


Please leave your name, address and contact information so that we can provide you with tax deduction certificates.  

For the convenience of calculation, all Hope Chinese School donors can specify which campus they are from.


Contact personnel and their phone numbers:

Chen Weiping 301-742-6006

Xu Lixin          240-506-4850

Zhu Yifeng      703-869-6626

Virus knows no ethnic origin, but impacts every family.  Any donation, big or small, from both the old and young, will rally us together and make us strong during these difficult times.


Board of Directors of Hope Chinese School

DISCLAIMER:This web page is designed and maintained by Washington Chinese Media Inc. (WCMI) on behalf of Hope Chinese School. WCMI dose not financially benefit from this donation drive. All funds collected from this donation drive will be managed by Hope Chinese School.