BranchOut volunteers pick up trash at National Mall

Today we are here at the National Mall in DC for BranchOut!’s community outreach event. During the summer, BranchOut! mentors work hard to share their passion for education, but today, they are serving our community in a different way.

BranchOut! has partnered with the National Parks Service to help pick-up trash around the nation’s capital, keeping the city clean and protecting the environment.

BranchOut student mentors congregated at the Vietnam memorial at 9 am this Saturday to pick up trash around the area. Over 50 mentors joined the effort and met with park rangers from the National Park service and veterans of the World War Two Vietnam and Korea.

BranchOut’s contributions today were highly praised by local park rangers and the program will continue to spread their influence.

BranchOut! creates a tight-knit community of student mentors. All are passionate about helping their community in many ways, from promoting the importance of education to bettering the environment, they work powerfully as a team.

Mentors picked up lots of trash today and this is just one of the many things BranchOut does to change this community.

 Today, BranchOut! student mentors picked over 50 bags of trash, help to keep our nations capital clean. This is just one of the many things that BranchOut! does impact our community.

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