BranchOut! 4th Anniversary Celebration

    We are here today at the Kreeger Auditorium in Rockville, MD, for the BranchOut! 2019 Annual Celebration event. Nearly three hundred mentors, mentees, and supporting parents participated in today’s event. I am Forrest Meng, Student reporter from Washington Chinese Media.

    Today is Sunday, October 13th, 2019. This is the fourth year BranchOut! is in operation with over 150 student members. For tonight’s event, more than a dozen students of the management team volunteered to help organize this event.

    This year, we had Tony lodge, Ryan McElveen, and Paul Li as guest speakers. The guest speakers talked about their experiences, insight, and support of STEM education in society as well as cultural interaction. 

    There were also several ethnic student groups performing this year, ranging from Korean traditional singing to Indian dance groups.

    Tonight, nearly 70 students received awards such as the Calvin Li Foundation award and the President’s Service Award, recognizing exceptional performance in mentoring and volunteering. The new management team was also announced as well and students assumed new positions for the next year.

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    BranchOut!, mentoring at community centers and public schools throughout the year, impacted more students each year by providing STEM tutoring and inspiring children to develop innovation and passion for future careers. Mentors spent their time tutoring students in subjects ranging from block coding to algebra.

    BranchOut! was recognized for its impact last April and received the Gold Star Group Volunteer Award from the Fairfax Neighborhood and Community Services organization. In September, BranchOut! organized a national Mall Trash Pickup event with the national park service, which was highly supported by students and communities alike.

    In the past summer, students have volunteered their time to help mentor and outreach to communities, and today, they are being recognized for it. BranchOut! is continuing to work towards Stem education and outreach in the next few years.

    I am Forrest Meng, student reporter for Washington Chinese media. thank you for watching.

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