My 2020 Vision Art Contest - About the Contest

US Arts Cup – MY 2020 VISION
Juried Youth Art Contest

Sponsored by US Arts Center

2929 Eskridge Road, Unit F

Fairfax, VA 22031

The objective of this contest is to nurture local youths to develop abilities that enable them to achieve success in their future endeavors. We would like to help and encourage them to become more creative and independent individuals who can think beyond instruction as well as have confidence in their own decisions.  We would also like to promote the importance of individual expression as well as the skills to successfully convey their thoughts and concepts visually. Our list of contest criteria, which is the basis for our panel of judges, include: skills, thought processes and integration capabilities that we hope to instill in our youths. Through this contest, we hope to bring awareness to parents of the power of the arts, and their benefits in building practical personal life skills, as well as achieving comprehensive development that goes much further than a beautiful masterpiece.


Prize (by age group)

Best Color Usage Awards

$350 USArts Class Voucher or $200 cash card (one winner per age group)

Most Creative Awards

$350 USArts Class Voucher or $200 cash card (one winner per age group)

Best Title Awards

$350 USArts Class Voucher or $200 cash card ( one winner per age group)

People’s Choice Awards

$100 USArts Class Voucher or 1 set of Prisma Color Pencils (5 winners per age group)

All winners will receive a certificate. The winners of Best Color Usage, Most Creative and Best Title will receive a trophy for the award.




Registration Criteria

This is open to all students of US Arts and the local youth in the Metropolitan Washington area.The valid age groups of contestants are

  1. 4-6 years old
  2. 7-9 years old
  3. 10-12 years old
  4. 13-18 years old 


Time line

Dec. 15, 2019

Start of registration and submission

Jan.  31, 2020

DEADLINE for registrations and submissions

Feb. 7, 2020

DEADLINE for online vote

Feb. 17, 2020

The final winners will be announced

Feb. 22, 2020

DEADLINE for delivery of the finalists’artwork to the US Arts Center

Mar. 1, 2020

Award Ceremony




– All winners’ awards cannot be superimposed
– All US Arts Vouchers can only be used to register classes for an upcoming term. They are not redeemable as cash or as refund for classes registered.


Participation Procedure

To participate the contest, please use the contest official URL: 

Under the upload link, please fill our the form and attach the image file of the art work. You may use mobile phone, digital camera, or a scanner to create the image. Make sure the image file meet the standard. 

We accept JPG file with file size no larger than 10MB. The dimension of the image should be at least 1024×1024 or larger. 


Additional Requirements:

1) Any artwork that has won an award of any kind in the past, is not eligible for submission.

2) All type of media are acceptable, as long as the artwork is roughly 2-dimensional

3) All submitted images of the art work must be clear, representative with best angle

4) Limit one entry per contestant

5) Online submission is required for the contest,

6) For all the winners, the original pieces are required to be submitted to USArts Fairfax Center by the deadline (2/22/2020)

7) Contestant and the original piece must be present at the Award Ceremony to be eligible to win. (All contestants are free to take home their piece after the exhibition time frame)


Contest Procedure

Each submission will be displayed on the contest website during the entire contest.  Any visitors who access the website are encouraged to support and vote for the piece(s) they feel deserve the recognition.  Once the voting window closes (Feb 7, 2020), a group of dedicated and established individuals in an art-related field will pick the winning pieces for the following award categories for each age group:


  • • Best Color Usage Awards – Best color combination and the most unique and visually appealing color choices that aligns with the topic and the theme of the piece
  • • Most Creative Awards – Most creative through the following aspects: evoke an emotion, tell a story, present ideas, use of imagination, expression, and other channels.
  • • Best Title Awards – Title that can best match the subject of the piece. It should: be descriptive but concise, show a key point, or concept and make the work more meaningful, eye catching, or humorous.
  • • People’s Choice Awards – After the winners of the top three categories are determined, the top 5 pieces voted with the most “”from each age group will be awarded with People’s Choice.

Each piece is only eligible to win one category.

Questions and Contacts
Ms. Teresa at

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